“I’ve been in the construction industry for nearly 30 years. We do a lot of small-batch mixing here in Florida and I recently came across an innovative product called ‘Bucket Brackets.’ This is a terrific innovation where the buckets do not spin when mixing. They attach right to the side of the buckets, you stand on the brackets, and you can mix all day long without having the bucket tip over, or having workers stand on the bucket to prevent it from spilling. They are a terrific innovation and I think if you tried them you will feel the way I do. They are terrific to use!”

– Norm Chapkis, Regional Sales Manager, SpecChem


Norm Chapkis

” Don brought the Bucket Brackets™ to our job site in Syracuse, New York to assist in a stone restoration project. They really came in handy. I can’t wait to use them again! Very useful and they made our mixing process so much easier. Thanks Don!”

– James North, Field Supervisor, Lupini Construction


James North

“ I’ve seen guys stand on buckets when it gets so hard to mix and hold in place and they feel there is no perfect way to stabilize it. The Bucket Brackets™ are the answer.
I have guys that mix all day, nonstop, and this will definitely save their backs. It’s safer and easier and I like it!”

– Steve Vacca, Specialty Contractor, R.E. Kelley, Inc.


Steve Vacca

“ I’ve been mixing and dealing with polyurethanes since 1974. This little gadget, as simple as it is, will save OSHA problems and it will increase your productivity. It saves you a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of potential safety problems. It’s a good idea! I use the Bucket Brackets™. It will save you time and save you energy.”

– Dave Swenson, Vice President, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Harry S. Peterson


Dave Swenson