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Testimonial By: Dave Swenson

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“ I’ve been mixing and dealing with polyurethanes since 1974. This little gadget, as simple as it is, will save OSHA problems and it will increase your productivity. It saves you a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of potential safety problems. It’s a good idea! I use the Bucket Brackets™. It will save you time and save you energy.” – Dave Swenson, Vice President, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Harry S. Peterson

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Testimonial By: Steve Vacca

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“ I’ve seen guys stand on buckets when it gets so hard to mix and hold in place and they feel there is no perfect way to stabilize it. The Bucket Brackets™ are the answer. I have guys that mix all day, nonstop, and this will definitely save their backs. It’s safer and easier and I like it!” – Steve Vacca, Specialty Contractor, R.E. Kelley, Inc. 

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Testimonial By: James North

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” Don brought the Bucket Brackets™ to our job site in Syracuse, New York to assist in a stone restoration project. They really came in handy. I can’t wait to use them again! Very useful and they made our mixing process so much easier. Thanks Don!” – James North, Field Supervisor, Lupini Construction

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