Bucket Brackets™II Press Release

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B3 Innovations, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Bucket Brackets™ II to their line of products. Bucket Brackets™ II are used when mixing flowable and low viscosity materials. The new Bucket Brackets™ II have a greater range of height adjustability to accommodate everything from a 1 ½ gallon caulk pail to a 5 gallon pail. Bucket Brackets™ II are sufficient to keep the pail from turning or tipping. It is important to adjust the height so that it is equal in height to the pail they are attached to. Bucket Brackets™ II are intended for use when mixing flowable materials, or low viscosity coatings. Products such as: Urethane Coatings Two-Part Epoxies LV MV Caulk Liquid Waterproofing Urethane Mortars Cementious Under Laments Decorative Concrete Overpayment All appropriate products to use with the new Bucket Brackets™ II. For more information on how to order, click here.